Leah Daniels Design - Web Design and Online Marketing for the Digital Age

Hi! My name is Leah. I have worked in the web design and online marketing industries since 2006. I've seen the web industry change from mainly desktop computer browsing, to the rise of the laptop and tablet, to all the various mobile devices people use now to browse, connect, and shop online. The web is an ever evolving beast and I know it well.

Need a website?

I can help you build one. Hire me for the afternoon to hold your hand while you set one up yourself, or hire me to do all the heavy lifting, it's up to you [and your budget].

What about social media?

I can help you navigate the confusing webs of social networking and help you develop a plan to utelize all channels to market your brand. I can help you get started with Instagram, set up a Facebook page, start a Tumblr blog, and guide you through the best practices for marketing your brand.